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Scouts Canada – Camp Wilabosca

Rental Requirements

Guide Groups


  1. Complete and submit a copy of Public Health Sudbury District – Notice of Recreation Camp Opening Form – at least 14 days prior to camp opening – one form can be used far 2 or more camps if it is the same group.


  1. Follow camp emergency plan– posted at the camp and on websit
    1. Use Record of Health and Safety Incident form if required. Submit when returning camp key
    2. Follow Camp Wilabosca Emergency procedure as posted in main lodge and all cabins”


  1. At least 1 leader with current First Aid training on site at all times


  1. At least 1 person on site with current Food Handling Training Certificate


  1. For water front activities, 2 certified life guards for every 25 swimmers.


  1. The camp has a policy that no greasy foods are to be prepared on the griddle in the kitchen. A Barbecue is provided for this purpose, please complete and return the acknowledgement form, when you return the key.


  1. All Garbage must be taken with you when you leave, you are not to use the Elk Lake Depot to dispose of your garbage. A $10,000 fine could be imposed if you use the Elk Lake Depot


  1. Complete and return the closing checklist, documenting any deficiencies


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