Rental Info & Procedures for Key Pickup/Return


To rent the camp…check the calendar for the dates you want.

Send an e-mail to, requesting the dates be booked for you.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail telling you where to send your deposit.

Note: The Camp is not booked until your deposit is received by the treasurer. If after a reasonable amount of time the deposit is not received your reservation may be cancelled and the weekend given to another group.


“Procedures for Key Pick-up”
1. Prior to your weekend contact one of the people listed below to arrange a time to pick up the key for use during your weekend:

Name                                Phone Number                               Email
Thomas McGibbon        705-560-0118                        
Earl Mumford                 705-692-9520                       

2. Arrangements will be made for you to pick up the key, usually the Thursday before your camp. Please bring a signed copy of the acknowledgement concerning greasy foods with you when you pick up the key.

“Procedures for Key Return”
1. You must return the key to the person you borrowed the key from, no later than the Tuesday after your camp weekend. Since another group most likely has the camp booked, for the next weekend, you need to return the key for the next group.

2. If you cannot return the key by the Tuesday following your camp, you must contact the lender, in order to make alternate arrangements.

3. Please bring a completed copy of the checklist contained in the user’s guide when you return the key.

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